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Frequently Asked Questions.



Working with Intra Storage Systems



Are your custom solutions expensive?


You'll find that our prices are very competitive. While other companies may try to maximize their profit by charging high fees, we strive to offer solid value at a reasonable price. We're not a "take the money and run" kind of company; we're interested in building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with your business.

What can I expect from ISS?


You can expect us to work alongside of you to develop solutions that make sense for your business. You can expect us to do our work diligently and with the highest integrity. You can expect us to charge a fair price for our products and services. You can expect us to never pressure you to purchase something you don't need. You can expect us to back up our products and services with attentive customer service — before and after your project is done.

We've experienced customer support problems with other companies. Once the job is done, we're no longer considered a priority. What kind of customer support does Intra Storage Systems offer?


We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to our clients. We're not satisfied until you're satisfied! We know how frustrating it is to feel abandoned after a project is completed. At Intra Storage Systems, we're interested in building a long-term relationship with your company. Our interest is not only in your project today, but in your future growth and expansion. So you can expect attentive customer support from us long after the job is completed.

I can order equipment from material handling catalogs. What benefits are there when I do business with ISS?


Today there are many companies that offer material handling supplies and equipment at competitive prices. We do, too. But Intra Storage Systems is so much more than just a distributor of products. We specialize in working alongside of you to design, develop and install custom solutions that are right for your business. ISS has been serving the business community for over 30 years, gaining time-tested experience in developing creative material handling solutions. Our management team has been in this industry for much longer than that. If you're facing a material handling or storage problem, contact us and we'll be happy to talk through some options with you. We specialize in solutions.

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